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Welcome to the International Nutrient Databank Directory!

This directory is sponsored by the Steering Committee of the National Nutrient Databank Conference (NNDC) and has been designed by the volunteer members of the Databank Directory Committee.

When the NNDC first met in 1976, there were only a few nutrient calculation programs available and they were hard to locate unless you "knew someone". Now with a few keystrokes we can discover hundreds of programs using a wide variety of databases. The key issues for the end user, however, remain the same.

  1. What is in the database? Does it contain sufficient values from appropriate sources for the nutrients you want to assess?
  2. Does the software perform accurate calculations with these values? Can it perform all the calculations you need?
  3. Is the software user-friendly? Is it easy to enter food amounts accurately, taking into account preparation and cooking losses? Does it provide reports (electronic and/or printed) that meet your needs?

Whether you are a student, researcher, food scientist, product developer, dietitian or just interested in the many ways we can use computers, this directory introduces you to different types of food composition databases and key factors to consider when choosing one.

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We hope you find this directory useful and would appreciate your feedback. Laura Sampson (